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It's the hole from the ball’s perspective. Visitors are increasingly seeking more information before booking golf holidays, aerial pathways are a great way to give golfers a look at what each hole looks like before they arrive at the tee. We don't recommend creating a golf course drone video without one! Each hole can be uploaded to social media.


SkyPhoto can provide immense value to your club...


SkyPhoto can provide a golf course with stunning images to be used in both print ads and online.

We deliver stunning High Definition images of each hole as well as a selection of showcase shots that demonstrate the rich heritage of your club. Each can include graphics indicating the hole number, distance and par as well as your clubs logo.

Just check out the complete map below...  We provide free of charge software to allow you to accurately measure distances and areas.


Mapping or surveying with drone imagery, provides relevant visual and quantitative information for golf course planning including accurate measurements. our maps can assist monitoring tasks around the club and efficiently manage golf course maintenance.


At SkyPhoto, drone mapping and modelling are of unprecedented quality. 

With the use of modeling software, SkyPhoto can create 360-degree images of each hole from above the green. This data can then be used to create interactive maps, viewable from the golf course’s website. In turn, golfers can tour each hole of the golf course before they ever step up to the tee. SkyPhoto can provide immense value to your club. the 3D map below may require a desktop computer to view.

360 aerial images

360 ground images