Frequently asked questions

Do I need a licence?

Not everyone wants to fly commercially, if you just want to fly for fun, then no you don't need a licence. That's exactly why we offer workshops helping you undestand UAVs, fly safely, and unlock your creativity, after all, having fun is a pretty important part of life! If you'd like to fly commercially, then read on... Commercially, you can fly certain aircraft without the need for a licence, This is refered to as the Sub 2kg catergory and you simply need to apply for an ARN through CASA, we can help you with this, its simple and its free. These aircraft will need to be UNDER 2kgs in total weight and include drones like the Phantom series. Strict rules apply within this catergory. You must only fly in the day – NO FLIGHTS @ NIGHT!.
You must not fly closer than 30m to people.
You must not fly within 3nm (5.5km) of a Controlled Airport.
You must fly only as far as you can visually orientate the aircraft. You must not fly in Restricted Airspace. If you want to fly outside of these conditions or use a heavier aircraft, you will need to obtain a licence such as a RePL.

What's a RPAS?

There are so many accronyms in aviation, RPAS stands for Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems and refers to any aircraft that is controlled by remote control, or automation. Included in this description are well known UAV including all DJI equipment. ​ Simplified, a RPAS Aircraft is flown for commercial purposes, either as a charged fee or reward, or for your own commercial gain. Using an RPAS to promote your own business is considered a commercial activity.

What's the under 2kg thing all about?

CASA have made it simple for those wishing to operate commercially with a smaller drone such as a phantom, Its refered to as the sub 2kg catergory – it comes with the normal restrictions. if you want to operate outside the normal rules such as at night or within a restricted area, you'll need a RePL and ReOC. Registering for the Sub 2Kg section is easy and free via the CASA website.

What's the difference between a Workshop and Certification?

In the world of drones certification means gaining your licence, the licence is issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). A workshop is a great way of learning more about your "craft" it can be a stepping stone towards obtaining your licence, or it can be a specialty workshop which you may be interested in. For example, if you have your own drone and would like to use it more effectivly to map your own farm, you may consider completing our "Expert workshop" which will show you specific features of the drone deply application, or the advanced workshop which focuses on photography and videography, the sky is huge and so are your oppurtunities here at SkyPhoto. :-)

Do I need certification?

If you wish to fly anything heavier than 2kg for commercial purposes then you must obtain RPAS certification. It is against the law to fly without it. Some companies require you to have insurances before you can work for them, it will be near impossible to to gain public liabilty insurance for your UAV without at least a RePL.

Can I fly at night and closer than 30m to people?

Night? only if you have a Repl, then yes you can, but you will need to operate under someone who has a ReOC (Operators Certificate) you will then operate under the ReOC's standard operating proceedures.

Flying closer than 30m? SAme as above, with some strict requirements such as your aircraft will need to be fitted with dual batteries and be able to continue to fly if one motor is lost, it’s also a standard proceedure of a ReOC.

What Workshops do SkyPhoto offer?

We keep it as simple as possible. 1. Introduction to drones 2. Intermediate 3. Advanced 4. Expert Check out the workshop page to see which is best for you.