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Gippsland Solar Panel

Safety Inspections 

Watch below as we conduct a safety inspection

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How often should my panels be checked?

A. The Australian Government recommends having your solar system checked at least every 5 years.

“ref. Solar Victoria's website”


Q. Why should i consider this?

A. SolarQuotes states “Rooftop solar is not perfectly safe” Anything with live current running through it can be dangerous if damaged or defective and solar systems are no exception. Fires have resulted from faults and, while most have been small, some have resulted in whole buildings being destroyed.

While solar systems have no moving parts to wear out, problems that can potentially occur include:

  • Deterioration of cable insulation over time.

  • Failure of defective components.

  • Components filling with water.

  • Corrosion.

  • Animals chewing on cables.

  • Damage from natural disasters such as earthquakes, bush fires, and storms.

  • Damage from home renovations.

  • Incompetent installation.

  • DC isolator fires.

Having a professional inspect a system can result in problems being identified and rectified before they become a danger.


Q. Who is this service for?

A. Anyone with Solar Panels, home owners, businesses, rental properties.


Q. What are you able to see?

A. Our normal “High Resolution” cameras are able to see issues you may not see from the ground including, wind and storm damage, shading, cleanliness, and other abnormalities.

Our Thermal camera is able to see any heat variances including malfunctioning cells, Defective components, Water Damage, inoperative panels.


Q. What do i get from the inspection?

A. We are constantly working with local electricians and solar installation companies to ensure our report is concise,

with the relevant and accurate information they need to diagnose and repair or replace as required.


Q. Can the cost of my inspection be returned to me if faults are found and repairs are required under warranty?

A. This will depend on your manufacturers warranty.


Q. How do i book an inspection?

A. Click here below!

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Phoenix Aerial Solutions and SkyPhoto Gippsland hold ReOC certification, Public Liability insurance, and combined, over 30 years aviation experience.


Clean and efficient panels assist the environment and save you money


Our cameras can detect a large range of faults and stop this occuring


Assess insurance and Warranty Claims

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